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COVID-19 Update


It has been a while since we updated everyone on BVH’s status as we are well past the 1 month mark since everything started. The update with BVH is that not much has changed.

With social distancing continuing for the unforeseen future, we will continue our current check-in process and ask all clients to not enter our clinic. Please remember upon arrival to call us and let us know you are here so we can get you checked in. We are using our clinic phones a lot more with this system and many times you may get a busy signal; if so just keep calling. If you can’t get through, just wave down one of our team members as you see them in the parking lot. I know this can sometimes be challenging, but we need to continue to keep you and our team as safe as possible.

We have implemented TeleVet (telemedicine). We do ask that only current clients utilize this and even if you request a TeleVet appointment, you may still be asked to come to the clinic if the doctor feels it is the best option for your pet. If you are interested, download the TeleVet app and search for Beechwold Veterinary Hospital.

Last week we started scheduling vaccine appointments again. We had put these on hold as a routine procedure, but as we are continuing forward for an unknown period of time, we need to make sure your pets are healthy and have the highest immunity possible.

Ohio is lifting some of the mandates put in place which will allow us to move forward with some services. We will be scheduling routine, elective surgeries and procedures and can start performing them on Friday. We will need to keep a close eye on these and may still have to limit them as it may be difficult to get surgery gloves and other PPE. Please be patient with us as we begin implementing these; we have a lot of people who need to have procedures done and we are expecting a large number of calls coming through.

A special shout out to the BVH Team!!! Everyone has worked so hard to keep our clients and team safe and healthy while still caring for our patients. Veterinary employees don’t get the recognition they deserve as Essential Workers, but our team has gone above and beyond during this and they are all appreciated. Thank You!!!

We also want to thank you, our clients. You have been very patient during all this as well with our continuous alterations to our current processes. You have given us great reviews, brought us food, and been there to show your support. We greatly appreciate you and the fact that you allow us to care for your pets! Thank you for being the greatest clients out there; we appreciate all you have done for us during this time and what you always do for us at BVH.

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